Jail Break

Learn how to play the drinking card game, Jail Break, with our easy to follow instructions and video!


– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage


Object of the game

To be the first player to lose all their cards.



Deal all the cards out face down to each player. Each person may look at their own cards but is not permitted to show them to anybody else. The player to the left of the dealer now plays any card. The next player must then play a card of the same face value or else they must “go to prison” and take a drink.

The player to the left of the player in prison must now play any card and the order of play reverses. If the player in prison has a card with the same value they must play it and “get out of prison”. Whenever somebody does not have a card of face value the next player plays a card and switches the direction.

The game continues until one of the players finishes all their cards. Once someone has won all the remaining players must take a number of drinks matching to the number of cards they have remaining in their hand.