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Blackjack Basic Strategy

There is an optimal way of playing blackjack first you must know how to play blackjack and then you will be ready for what is called ‘basic strategy’. This is independent of card counting, which is an add-on strategy. Likewise advanced strategy is an improvement over basic strategy. But if you play for money it is necessary […]

Poker Rooms

Poker rooms – Success through addiction   Every second person in this world is very much familiar with the poker game, as this is a very famous game among the peoples, numerous numbers of players plays that game on daily basis, and earns very big amount of profit daily through them. The poker game is […]

The History of Computer Solitaire

The History of Computer Solitaire When the first personal computer (PC) appeared in our shops, solitaire was an obvious fit. Because the technological requirements for showing playing cards on a computer screen are relatively easy, solitaire games came to the forefront. In the early days of Microsoft, nearly all solitaire games were text-mode, and were […]

The Origins of Solitaire

It may surprise many readers that the origins of solitaire are still debated today, and therefore are not comprehensively known fully. Many people have speculated that the layouts in solitaire came from the layouts of tarot cards, which have been long used for fortune telling and divination.