Give One, Take One


– Two standard decks of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage



One player volunteers themselves as the dealer, who gives each player (including themselves) 4 cards, face up. They then deal a card off the, allowing everyone to see its face value. Each player who has a card that equals that number must say ‘I give a drink to (a player’s name)”. That player must then drink one full mouthful of their selected drink. If the player with the corresponding card has 2 of the same card, they are permitted to either order 2 different players to take a drink, or may “give” both drinks to one player.

Next, the dealer deals and displays another card; similar to before except this time, any player who has a corresponding card, must this time drink, instead of “giving a drink” (or 2 if they have 2 matching cards).

The dealer then deals an additional card, however this time, instead of the person who has the card offering only 1 drink, they must now offer out 2 drinks; which can be divided up any way.

Then the dealer deals again, displaying the card to the players and any person with the card dealt must drink 2 drinks.

Continue with this pattern until ‘Give 4, Take 4’ has finished, at which point the game returns back to ‘Give 1, Take 1. When the deck is totally flipped, pass the deck to the next dealer.