A great drinking game which is fun for everyone! Turn detective and force the killer to drink.



– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Five players

– Plenty of beverage



The person who proposed the game to be played draws 4 black cards and one red card from the shuffled deck. The cards are positioned on the table and mixed around by a player (not the one who selected the cards). All the players select one card from the five on the table, the player that selects that gets the red card becomes the “killer”. Everybody then stares at one another and at the perfect time, the “killer’s” aim is to kill another player, this is done by winking at another player, that player must dispose of his card and drink a large portion of their beverage.

This continues, with the other players being the “detectives”, trying to work out who the killer is. Each player gets one guess, if they are wrong they must drink. If they are right then the killer must drink the remainders of each players drink.