Baccarat – The Avant Dernier System

Among Continental European players this method is enormously widespread. Avant Dernier translated into English from French means “before last” which is how this simple system works. You essentially just bet on the second to last winning result.

For example, if the last four results were Banker, Player, Player, Banker then you should bet on the Player, which was the second to last in the chain. Alternatively if you had Player, Banker, Banker, then your bet would be on Banker.

The principle idea behind this system is that you want to try to catch a streak of wins on either the Banker or Player. We recommend that you ignore Tie bet wins as the chances are so low compared to the other two types of bet.

This system is extremely simple but it does have a high success rate at creating winning periods due to this it has remained popular with veteran Baccarat players.