Baccarat Strategy – Player, Banker or Tie Strategy

If you look at the odds of winning in Baccarat, you will see that the casino clearly has the best edge with a tie bet. If you place a bet on the tie bet you will soon see that you win less often, this also means that the pay-out is respectively high, this is done to tempt players into placing a bet. The odds of winning a ‘Tie’ bet is, approximately, 10:1, but the pay-out is only 8:1.

The remaining two bets, the Banker and Player, are parallel to each other in terms of odds, but the payouts vary, the Banker bets, when won, usually incur a 5% tax, you can now start to see where the casino makes some of its money in the game of Punto Banco.

However, a bet on the banker is still the bet that offers you the highest odds of winning. Your chances of winning a Banker bet are 44.61%. Therefore this makes a Banker bet the best baccarat bet for the gambler to make – even though the casino will charge you a 5% commission on winning banker bets.