– One standard deck of 52 cards

– At least three players

– Plenty of beverage



You begin with the deck of cards mixed up in the centre of the table. The first person picks a card. If it is a:

• 2, 3, 4, 5 you drink

• 6, 7, 8, 9 you give out drinks

Let’s say you pull a 9, you can give one player 9 drinks or you can give one player 5 and a different player 4. You are permitted to give yourself drinks.

The other cards have special meanings

10 = Tumbmaster, if you get this card you become the thumbmaster. At any point throughout the game you can put your thumb to your forehead. Everybody else has to see you do this and do the same action; the last person that does it has to drink. You are thumbmaster up until somebody else picks a 10.


Jack – is a rule card. You can concoct a rule and if somebody goes against it make up a penalty.

For instance, every time a certain word is said during conversation, everyone must drink.


Queen – is a question card. You begin by raising a question and the person alongside you asks a question but does not answer your question. This continues around the table until somebody answers a question or they don’t ask a question.


King – Waterfall. The player who drew the king begins the waterfall. Everybody will commence drinking at the same time but they are not permitted stop drinking until the person next to them does.

Let’s say person #1 initially starts drinking, person #2 can’t stop until #1 does, and #3 can’t stop until #2 does and so on.


Ace – Social – everyone drinks