A great, fast-paced drinking game.



– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage

– Three to twelve players

– Spoons (number of spoons is equal to the number of players minus one. Eg. Four players = three spoons)


Object of the game

To get a spoon!



Take one group of card from the deck for each player. For instance, if there are four players, take the Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks from the deck. If there are 12 people playing, use the entire deck.

Get a spoon for each player except one. For instance, if there are four players, get three spoons. Position the spoons in the centre of the table.

Deal out all the cards. Each player picks up their cards, and then the dealer begins to call “Pass!” every few seconds. Each time pass is called, each player must remove one card from their hand and pass it to the player on their left.

This continues up until a player gets four-of-a-kind, when this happens the player with the four-of-a-kind grabs a spoon from the centre of the table. Once this has happened all the other players then have to attempt to grab a spoon, the loser is the player being the one left out.

Loser must then drink to pre-assigned rules. Eg. Downing their drink.