Ring of Fire


To set up the game, clear a table and set a large cup or jug in the middle of the table with the deck of cards placed around the cup in a circle (face down).

Then get a group of your friends to sit around the table, each person having a drink of alcohol.

Play goes round the circle, and players take it in turns to pick a card, following the rules as the cards are picked one by one.

Before you start you must know what each card stands for:

Ace: Waterfall: Everyone keeps drinking until the person who picked the card stops. So who knows how long you’ll be drinking for…

2: F*ck You – You must choose a person from the circle to drink.

3: is F*ck Me – You must drink

4: Floor – touch the floor, last person to do so must drink.

5: Guys – All guys drink- .

6: Chicks – All girls drink

7: Heaven – Point your hand in the sky, whoever is last must drink

8: Pick a date – Choose someone to drink with you

9: Bust a Rhyme – Pick a word such a dog and the person next to you must rhyme with dog, like log, and it goes to the next person and the next, in a circle, until someone messes up and he or she will have to drink

10: Thumb Rule. The person who picks a 10 has thumb rule and has the power to discretely place there thumb on the edge of the table whenever they wish, it must remain there whilst other players slowly realise and must place their own thumb on the edge of the table. The last player to realise thumb rule is being played must drink. You keep thumb rule until another 10 is picked up.

Jack: Make a Rule – You can make up any rule that everyone must follow. E.g. you can only drink with your left hand. Everyone has to follow this rule for the entire game and if you disobey you have to drink.

Queen: Categories- Pick a category such as liquors then go in a circle and everyone must say a word that fits with the category e.g. Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whisky… the first to fail or hesitate must drhink.

King: Pour! You must pour a little bit of your drink into the jug/cup that is in the middle of the table. Whoever picks up the LAST king must down the whole cup, which will be filled with all different drinks, so who knows how awful it could taste!