– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage



Shuffle the deck of cards, and then distribute them out face down so that any card can be selected. Each player takes turns (starting clockwise to begin with) to pick a card, each card requires a particular action:

• 2-4 – the player who picks this card must drink that many drinks.

• 5 – changes the direction of play

• 6 – Person to the left of the player who draws this card drinks

• 7 – Person to the right of the play who draws this card drinks

• 8 – All players drink

• 9 – 2nd person on the left of the chooser drinks

• 10 – 2nd person on the right of the chooser drinks

• Jack – All male players drink

• Queen – All female players drink

• King – All players drink

• Ace – The chooser can pick any player to drink