Bus Driver

Learn the fun drinking card game, bus driver with easy to follow instructions and video!


– One standard deck of 52 cards – aces are low

– Two players only

– Plenty of beverage


Object of the game

The goal is to get to the front of the bus in one string. This gets constantly tougher as the game progresses.



Select one player to become the “Rider” and the other will become the “Bus Driver”. The bus driver shuffles a deck of cards and places 5 cards face down on the table.

He then asks the rider whether the last card dealt is black or red. If the rider predicts incorrectly he takes one sip of his beverage (which should be pretty strong). The card he predicted at is then cast-off and the “Bus Driver” deals another 5 cards face down on top of the 4 that remain.

If the rider was to guess accurately, the bus driver would then ask him whether or not the next card in the line will be greater or lower than the one that was just turned over. If he chooses accurately the driver continues turning cards and asking the higher or lower query until the rider either gets to the front of the bus (all the cards have been flipped) or guesses wrong.

If he does choose incorrectly then he must sip once for that card and once for every card that he guessed correctly previously in the string. When every card has been dealt out you simply go down the line until you get to the front of the bus.

This game is virtually impossible to defeat on a single string and most of the time you end up taking 52 sips. When the player does eventually get to the front of the bus every person in the room must down their drink.