Double Solitaire

Updated 4/15/2018

Learn how to play one of the most popular solitaire games, Double Solitaire with our easy to read rules.

The Basics of Double Solitaire

-Number of players: two

-Cards: two standard decks of cards of 52


Object of the Game

The object of the solitaire card game Double Solitaire is to build eight foundation piles starting with Ace and building up in ascending order to King.


How to Play Double Solitaire

Each player gets a deck and each lays out his own tableaus.

Lay out the cards in the standard Solitaire way and begin to play in the exact same way as Solitaire (Klondike).

Deal three cards at a time from the stock pile. The top card of the cards dealt is called the accessible card and can be played either to the foundation or to the tableau. It is not permitted to play to the opponent’s tableau. But it is allowed to assist an opponent if desired. Sometimes this may keep the play going.

Play the game as though Klondike Solitaire—each player playing cards to his own tableau. It isn’t necessary to take turns, just play at whatever pace. But the difference between Klondike Solitaire and Double Solitaire is that in Double Solitaire each player can put any card on any foundation pile whether it was started by him or his opponent.

The rule in Solitaire regarding “group” moves is up to the player. But in Double Solitaire be sure that each player is on the same page about the rule. A “group” move means that if there’s a card one player needs that is buried in the middle of the fan of his tableau, and he has a place to move the group, then he can do so to free up that buried card. For example, let’s say there is a 5 of Diamonds buried in a fan on the tableau and the player needs that 5 to put on the 4 of Diamonds on one of the foundation piles. If he has a 5 of Hearts open and available on one of his tableau fans, he can lift the group of cards starting with the black 4, move it to the open 5 of Hearts, and he’s officially freed the 5 of Diamonds to play on the foundation. Just as in any solitaire, the foundations are built with suits that alternate color in descending order.

The game is won once one player is the first one to use all his cards to build the foundations. In order to win, a player cannot have any cards in his stock pile or in his tableau.


Tips on How to Win Double Solitaire

In Double Solitaire, remember that two decks are being used and it is best to make sure they are identifiable as they will be mixed together in the course of the game. If the game is a stalemate, players can count the cards on the foundation piles to determine a winner. The player who laid the most cards on the foundations wins the game.