Klondike (Solitaire)

Klondike Solitaire is the most popular game of Solitaire and is often simply referred to as ‘Solitaire.’ Winning the game involves strategy, skill and a little luck. It’s a popular game due to its simple rules and easy access.



Space: Moderate

Level: Challenging

Cards: One standard 52-card deck

Players: One



Lay out seven cards in a row – face down excluding the first card. Then put the eighth card face up on the second card in the row, and then complete the row with face-down cards. Place a face-up card on the third pile, and finish off the row in the same way. Continue until you have a face-up card on every pile. Aces are low in this game.

Your layout will look like this:

Klondike Layout


First, look over the spread carefully. Move any cards that you can to the foundation row. Aces first and any cards you can build on them.

You can also build cards on the layout itself. Only the face-up cards are available for this building, and only if they are exposed cards of the pile. Then you can build down-ward in alternating colours.

In the example shown here, you can move the Ace to the foundation row, and then move the black 3 onto the red 4, and the red 2 onto the black 3.

Every time you move a face-up card, you need to turn up the face-down card beneath it, face-up. When there are no more face-down cards in a pile, you have a space. Spaces can be filled by any available king.

Once you’ve made all the moves you can, start going through the stockpile one by one, looking for more cards to build onto the foundations and the layout. If you can’t place the card, it goes face up onto a wastepile, and the top card of the wastepile is available for play.


To win the game

Build up complete suites from Ace to King in the foundation row.



Five rounds make a game. Add up the number of foundation cards you’ve come up with in each round for your final score.