La Belle Lucie

This guide and video will show you how to play the popular variant of solitaire, La Belle Lucie. This popular single player card game is great fun when you’ve got time to kill!

This is one of the most delightful variants of soliatire



Space: Large

Level: Moderate

Cards: One standard 52-card deck

Players: One



Lay the whole deck in sets of three, face up.

One single card will be left over, which becomes a set of its own.

The only cards that may be moved are the exposed ones on the top of the sets. They are built up in the foundation row or on the tops of the other sets, by suit, building downward.




Once you have the cards laid out; move the Aces that are available onto the foundations. In the example above, the Ace of Hearts is available for one of the foundations; so are the 2 and 3 of Hearts. Then proceed to build on the top cards of the fans, one card at a time. When a fan is entirely eliminated, it is not replaced.


To win the game

Free the Aces and build them up in suit to Kings.



Two per game. To redeal, gather up the fans, shuffle the cards and set down in groups of three as before. Any left-over cards are sets by themselves.


Special bonus

In the last redeal, when you’re stuck, you get one free move – one card you can pull from underneath one or two others and play in any way you wish.