Learn how to play the drinking card game, Beeramid, with easy to follow instructions and video!


– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage



A Beeramid (pyramid) of cards is built by positioning a particular number of cards face down in a row (usually seven) as the base and building up until there is one card as the top of the Beeramid (as shown below).

The residual cards are allocated as evenly as possible between the players. The dealer flips over the first card at the foot of the beeramid and declares the card value. Anybody who claims to possess that card may “give” one drink to any other player. That player may either drink or call the bluff by saying “bullshit”.

If the player who claimed to have the card, does in fact have the card after all, he shows the card and the other player must drink twice. If he was lying, he drinks twice himself. Once a row of the Beeramid is finished, the first card on the next row is flipped, and every card now has the same value in drinks as its row, for instance if a card is flipped on row three, players now “give” three drinks, should they claim to have a matching card this continues all the way up to the seventh row.

All “bullshit” calls still double the value of the row, making them increasingly risky propositions as the game continues. Should a player have more than one of a particular card (say a seven is flipped and a player has two sevens in his hand) he can give both drinks to the same person or split them up amongst two players.

He is only required to show both cards if both players call bullshit; if just one player calls bullshit he is only required to show one card. At the seventh row, if people are taking truthful drinks, a bullshit call must result in about a full beer being drank.