Snap is a fast, easy and fun card game for kids of all ages that is similar to skipjack.


Space: Low

Level: Easy

Cards: Snap is played using a standard deck of 52 playing cards

Number of players: Two or more players


The cards are shuffled and the entire deck is evenly dealt out to players face down. Players do not look at their cards in this game.


The person to the left of the dealer will begin by taking the first card off of the top of their pile and turning it face up. Each player is forming a pile of face up cards next to their face down pile.  The game play goes clockwise or the player to the dealer’s left will do the same and so on.

When a player turns up the same number of card as another player’s face up cards (two 3’s or two Jacks for example), the first player to shout snap will win both piles and place the extra cards on top of their own. You only win the piles that has been turned up.

If two players call Snap at the same time, the two piles are placed in the middle of the table and will go to the player who wins the next Snap.

The game is played with each player flipping over their cards until someone runs out of cards. When a player runs out of cards they are out of the game.

If a player calls Snap by mistake, which is when there are not two matching cards visible on the face up piles, that player’s cards are put in the middle of the table.  The next person who calls Snap correctly also wins the cards in the middle.