Tips to Win at Poker

Poker is one of the more difficult casino games for the novice to tackle, but these tips should at least improve your chances of winning when you play it.

Avoid playing every hand

One of the more common mistakes made by rookie poker players is playing almost every hand during a game, because they want to get as much actual playing action as possible. However you are trying to win and refusing to fold even when you have a poor hand will just lead to greater losses. Therefore if you are playing more than half of your hands during a game, consider upping your standards when it comes to your starting hand.

Don’t bluff too often

Another very common error is over-playing the bluff as a strategy – as some new players feel that they have not really won properly unless they have bluffed their opponents. In fact bluffing will only have an impact in some situations – and will not work on all players – and the more you use it, the less effective it will be as a tactic.

Don’t mix poker and alcohol

You may see players in television shows and movies knocking back whiskies while they play, but in reality you will be far more effective if you keep a clear head. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which makes you far more likely to bet recklessly, rather than sensibly.

Don’t chase the money

It can be tempting to stay in a hand of poker just because you have put a fair bit into the pot, but this will not make you more likely to win in the end. However much you have invested in the hand, you need to recognise when you are beaten and fold, rather than throwing away more money chasing what you have already bet.

Watch the cards and the other players

It can be hard for new players to do this, but so much of poker is about watching the cards your rivals are showing, and also the players themselves – to get an idea of when they usually raise or fold. So try and keep an eye on more than just your own cards during the game.

Of course there is a difference between playing online at Gaming Club casino and in person however the principles of poker are still very much the same

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