Screw Your Neighbour


– One standard deck of 52 cards

– Plenty of beverage


Object of the game

Not to end up with the lowest card


Card rankings

King – Highest

Ace – Lowest



Players sit around a table and each player is dealt one card. The player to the left of the dealer initiates the game.

However, should the opening player feel that he/she is possessing a low card he/she has the choice to switch cards with the player on his/her left or keep the card by saying the word “pass”.

But, he doesn’t know what the next player is keeping and can’t swap back once the swap has taken place. The player to your left is not permitted to refuse the swap. If you were made to swap and your initial card was lower than the card you took, you may “pass” on your switch. But, any player possessing a King must flip their card face up on the table as this is the best card and which eventually prevents a player from switching.

When the play gets round to the dealer, he/she has the choice to switch cards with the top card from the residual deck, or keep their existing card. Once the dealer has made a choice, all players flip their card. The person with the lowest card has to drink!