Learn how to play the drinking card game, Asshole, with easy to follow instructions and video!

What you need

Five people and a deck of cards.


To play

Begin by dealing out all of the cards equally to all 4 players. The player on the left of the dealer starts by putting down (face up) any card or cards with the same face value. The next person has to then lay down the same number of playing cards as the first player did, in addition the cards must be bigger or equal in face value, but they must match each other. For example, if the first player plays two sixes, the second player must then lay down 2 matching cards, that are greater or equal than the sixes, e.g. 2 tens.

If the second player plays down the same value card as the first player, the third player is then skipped and must take a swig of beer. If the player cannot play, they are then skipped and must take a swig of beer. Once all players are skipped (cannot beat the card played), the cards are then all cleared and play continues again until all of the cards have been played.


The player ranking system

1. President: The first player to get rid of all their cards.

2. Vice President: The second player to get rid of all their cards.

3. Secretary: The third person to get rid of all their cards.

4. Asshole: The last player to get rid of all their cards.

Privileges of the rankings

• Anybody that ranks above you can make you drink whenever they wish.

• The Asshole must deal and clear all the cards.

• The Asshole must also give his two best cards to the President.

• The President then passes his two worst cards to the Asshole in return.

• If the same player is President for three rounds consecutively, they can then make up a rule (e.g. you can only drink with your left hand, anyone who breaks this rule must then drink).